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Here at PLAY, we are subscribed to a fantastic newsletter called Social Media Examiner. We recently saw a great article by Marcus Sheridan, about why your company should blog.

It’s important that a company blog is relevant to your industry and that your business isn’t just blogging because it seems to be the trend.

A blog, like all social media channels, is a way to connect with your customers, clients and other relevant stakeholders in your business.

It should not just be used for search engine optimisation – although this is one great reason to blog, in order to attract visitors to your website, your blog must intrigue your website visitors – so think about what they would like to read before you post!

One thing Sheridan pointed out that really resonated with us, was that blogging forces one to stay up to date with your industry. This makes it easier to explain things to your clients and customers, and to answer their questions.

Another point Sheridan made was that a blog (if used correctly) can be linked to consumer/client trust. The aim of a blog is to keep your readers connected to your company and your industry, and by explaining trends to them in an easy-to-read manner, it helps develop trust – which can then further link to sales.

In addition to this, Sheridan explains the importance of recognising consumers’ need for two-way communication in the digital age.  In a world where brands and companies are more accessible to their customers, and where customers can easily share experiences and information with their peers, it is important to recognise the value of customer feedback. Like tweets and Facebook comments,  blog comments can be a valuable tool for measuring brand perception. Comments should be welcomed, not ignored.

Thanks, Social Media Examiner, for the great tips!

To view the article, click here.

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