VOLKSWAGEN – Polo Launch

How do you engage the Gen Y audience with a brand and product that they would not usually consider?

By positioning the new Volkswagen Polo as the city’s newest social butterfly.


PLAY entrenched the Polo as an authentic part of the Gen Y lifestyle by taking the game of Marco/Polo to a new level – via social channels and partnerships with “all the right people”.


Cue Marco, the hippest cat in town. Knowing where all the best gigs, shows and parties were about to take place, Marco signs his Facebook posts with “Marco” and the first person responding “Polo” would be picked up in a new Polo, driven to the party with free tickets and backstage access. Run over 3 weekends, the Marco Polo team took to the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


1.89 million campaign impressions
25,289 active engagements
2,307 driving engagements
10 mins+ average drive time