A&E – The Manesia Test

Australian men have forgotten how to be men, they are in a state of “Manesia”. In 2014 A&E recruited PLAY and Mediacom to help Aussie men find a cure.


To get an audience of free-to-air watching Australian men talking about A&E’s unique and authentically male programming, PLAY partnered with Mediacom to create the “Manesia” disease. Our goal? A 40% increase in awareness amongst our core audience (Men 25-49).


To support the campaign, PLAY developed a microsite featuring a diagnostic tool – the ‘Manesia Test’. By completing the test, men could establish how exposed they were to the Manesia epidemic. Men were either ‘exposed’, ‘infected’ or ‘terminal’ and instantly shown a comparison against the nation, state and their friends. The results were used in Above The Line communications.


74% social engagement increase
66% brand awareness increase
133% awareness increase (males 25-49)