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Popular marketing blogger Heidi Cohen recently wrote a blog post that resonated with us here at PLAY.

The start of the New Year is a time of reflection, learning and going forward for anyone. For the marketing industry, this is achieved through an abundance of ‘Top Ten lists’, agency credits (did we mention we won 3 B&T Awards?), key learning’s, and of course predictions.

Heidi’s article focuses on social media predictions for 2012, with the input of 24 marketing experts.

Here are some of the predictions we found particularly interesting:

  1. E-mail is not dead, and will never die. The growth of social networking sites will fuel the growth of e-mail. At the moment, there is a misconception that social media networks will result in the death of e-mail.
  2. Companies will realise that customer-driven social media is the most successful, and genuine form of social media strategies.
  3. iPads and tablets will be as common as mobile phones, and will be used for business, education and leisure.
  4. Niche social media sites such as Pinterest and InstaGram will become more prominent, as mainstream social media sites become more business driven.
  5. Companies will start to focus on building real online communities – put simple, networking!

To read Heidi’s full article, click here.

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