MENTOS – Rewarding Curiosity

Can a Facebook competition deliver sales results for a classic candy brand?


Initially briefed to run a sampling campaign, PLAY instead set out to reward the curiosity of Mentos fans by leveraging the power of FOMO. We created a custom Facebook app, making it easy for an audience that is always online to engage with a staple impulse product.


Mentos announced to their Facebook community that they had hidden a major prize of $5000 somewhere in Australia. To reveal the mystery location, our audience had to guess the mystery flavour via a Facebook app.  As more guesses were submitted, the application zoomed into a real time map, revealing where the prize money was hidden. Of course everybody felt that making an informed guess was the way to go – thousands headed out to buy the product!


18,530  submissions in 10 days
2900%  increase in Facebook reach (1.34m)
8,316  additional Facebook likes
12.8%  sales spike
Sold out  mystery flavour during launch phase