HOYTS – Saw VII 3D Activation

A terrifying viral campaign that has spread across the globe. How do you generate real excitement around the launch of ‘just another SAW movie’?


With only a few weeks from the briefing to the launch of the film, our approach was to amplify a micro activation through social channels and create a short and sharp campaign that could punch above its weight.


Turning a branded photo booth into a surprise moment of terror, moviegoers were given an opportunity  to hop into the photo booth to watch the film’s trailer. Once inside the booth the trailer was screened, followed by a photo opportunity. As a little surprise, the horrifying figure of Jigsaw himself emerged from a secret curtain, just as the photo was about to be taken. With a cameraman on hand, our viral video spread across the globe.


173,650  YouTube views
(650% over target)
4,035  experiential impressions
(40% over target)
$2,000,000  box office target smashed