CROWN – Skye by Crown

How do you sell $110 million of intangible
boutique real estate in 8 hours?

An integrated campaign delivering
record-breaking results.


We re-engineered the entire purchasing experience – based on our insights and experience with luxury brands, which dramatically raised demand and allowed facilitated premium pricing.


Play designed and implemented a 360-degree consumer experience including brand development, events, content, campaign website, all collateral and all other online and offline creative.


On the first day of the pre-launch, we generated $110,032,000 of sales exceeding target by 57%. This was achieved with a marketing investment of 0.041% of sales (cost per sale $4,420.60), which was 18% lower than anticipated. Out of 110 released units, 104 units were sold within 8 hours, exchanging a contract every 5 minutes across 10 solicitors.

“PLAY Communications not only delivered, they thrived. Conditions were always perfect for them. It’s that attitude that makes them perfect for Crown Group.”

– Kirsty Bradley , General Manager Marketing & Communications, Crown Group