ASOS – In Your World

How do you launch three fashion collections globally with massive social engagement and deliver an immediate sales impact?


Find the most passionate ASOS consumers and invite them to the global launch to be the first in the world to shop the new collections. Then, get them to tell their friends that they really need to be next to shop the new collection.


PLAY invited all members of the ASOS Facebook community to join us at the exclusive global launch events. The trick: we only had 50 tickets for each of the three events. So to be one of the lucky few – we asked ASOS followers to download our digital queuing app. The app advanced those in the queue who shared our posts about the collection with as many friends as possible – ultimately ensuring we had the most socially connected and passionate ASOS consumers at our events.


2,110  app downloads
1,001  launch attendees
66,699  Facebook shares
162,556  Facebook likes in one week
SOLD OUT  three collections in one night